Dr. Michael Pisano Ph.D., HSPP, Psychologist

Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from University of Connecticut

Services provided:
Psychological testing
Disability Determination


Anger control
Severe mental illness

About Michael Pisano:
My general psychotherapy approach is cognitive behavioral therapy, or CBT. In CBT the client and I look at how negative emotions are maintained by negative and inaccurate thoughts. Often, we are unaware of how destructive thoughts and habits control our reactions to stressful situations and relationships. We examine these thoughts, modify or reject them, and adopt a different perspective about the situation. By examining and changing our thoughts we can respond more healthily to our past and to others, clarify our goals, and reduce emotional distress. Recently, I have been studying positive psychology, which focuses on character strengths and pursuing happiness, and I use this in my clinical work along with CBT.

Other professional activities:
Member: Indiana Psychological Association
2010 Recipient of the IPA’s Outstanding Mentor Award for work in supervising students from multiple disciplines at the IU School of Medicine and promoting their active participation in professional organizations.
Academic psychologist at Ball State University & Indiana University School of Medicine
Past inpatient experience at St. Vincent Stress Center & LaRue Carter State Hospital
Outpatient experience at Tri-County Community Mental Health Center (now Aspire), St. Vincent Stress Center, IU School of Medicine, and private practice

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